• The News

    When Words Collide (WWC) 2017 has come and gone. I had a brilliant time with all my friends, made all kinds of new friends, and most likely frightened the bejesus out of everyone else. I participated in a fun panel about mythology in speculative fiction, a number of fantastic book socials, a couple of cool pitch sessions with Coffin Hop Press, and a blue pencil session where I gave all sorts of unhelpful (I suspect) feedback on other author’s work.

    My new book, Fishing with the Devil, garnered a bit of soft launch interest. Check it out if you haven’t already and come to the official launch on September 28th at the Owl’s Nest (info below).

    RustEnigma Front: The Monster Within was also released at the convention with my dark sci-fi story Secrets and Lies. It’s about a conflicted soldier willing to sacrifice everything to unearth ancient forbidden memories. Fun stuff so check that out if it sounds like your thing.

    In other cool news, I was recently interviewed by Joshua Pantalleresco for his Just Joshing Podcast. We had a cool chat, so watch for it to be released sometime soon.


    I haven’t had a lot of time to write over the summer (I’ve been spending my time editing and working books for Coffin Hop) but I’m still chipping away at No Joy (a full length Tagger Boone novel) and Tales from the Double-W Pawn Shop, my Winston and Wu story book. I’ve also started assembling stories for another short story collection about death tentatively titled Die Jobs.

    Upcoming Events

    CHIseries Calgary – Thursday, September 21st, 2017 (7pm-9pm)
    I’ve been invited to participate in the fall instalment of the The Chiaroscuro Reading Series (along with Craig DiLouie and Axel Howerton) hosted by the queen of darkness herself, Sarah L. Johnson. Come on down to Buffalo Bob’s Canadian Pub and listen to us read some horrible (but in a good way) stories.


    Fishing with the Devil Launch – Thursday, September 28th, 2017 (7pm-9pm)
    Coffin Hop will be officially launching Fishing with the Devil along with Axel Howerton’s noirvella masterpiece, Con Morte, at the Owls Nest. It’ll be a fun party with drinks, snacks, readings, and most certainly mischief. Come on down!

    Sept Launch 2017


    The last few weeks contained two damn tough races, but I had fun and learned important lessons – namely to leave more than three weeks before long, hard races and do more heat training.

    On August 19th I ran the Squamish 50 (Miles). The weather was fantastic (21C) and I was well trained up, both mentally and physically. Since it was my first attempt at a 50 mile (80 kilometer) race, I wasn’t sure how my body would handle it, but aside from expected fatigue and some crazy bladder issues, it went fantastic and I completed it in a little over 14 hours.

    Squamish 50 2017

    Then, three weeks later on September 8th, I ran the Lost Soul (100 kilometer distance). I’ve done his race twice before: the 50 km distance in 2014 and 54 km in 2015 when I paced my buddy Steve on his 100 mile slogfest. While I knew the course well, I was still beat up from Squamish but figured I could push past that and complete my first 100 km race. Sadly, it was not to be. The weather was rough, a 35C day (40C+ in the bottom of the river valley) with thick smoke blowing in from Waterton. The air quality was terrible and the heat ended up ripping the life out of me. Combined with already weary bones and sore feet, I decided to drop at 62 km when my heat exhaustion approached a full blown heatstroke. Not worth killing myself over. I’ll be back in a couple of years to try again!

    Lost Soul 2017

    Upcoming Running Events

    No body smashing ultra’s until at least February (Frozen Ass 50), but I’ll be running the local Harvest Half Marathon on September 30th,

    ♥ ♥ ♥


  • The News

    As the good Professor Farnsworth likes to say, good news everyone. Fishing with the Devil is done. Complete. Published. Loose in the world. A huge thanks to everyone who helped get it across the finish line – Sarah L. Johnson for making it gud, Axel Howerton and Coffin Hop Press for making it real, and James Beveridge for making it pretty. Whatever you think of it, I’d love to get a review on Amazon/Goodreads, it really does help getting it noticed.

    Another Thing

    Speaking of Coffin Hop Press, I had such a great time working with them that they’ve taken me in as a partner and senior editor. I’ll be helping them ramp with a number of fantastic projects centered around new crime, new weird, new pulp. Our two fall/winter books will be It’s a Weird Winter Wonderland, an anthology of crazy holiday stories, and Manchester Vice, a nasty bit of work from the dark and dangerous Jack Strange.


    After nearly a year of grinding away on Fishing with the Devil I’ve moved on to new (and old) projects. No Joy, my full length Tagger Boone (fresh from A Dead Reckoning) novel is clawing its way to life, and while I chip away at that, I’ve been working on a set of interconnected stories about Winston (of Winston and Wu fame) with the working title of Tales from the Double-W Pawn Shop.

    Upcoming Events

    August 11-13th, 2017
    I’ll be attending When Words Collide again this year. It’s the premier genre literary convention in Canada and always a fantastic time. This year, as part of Coffin Hop, I’ll be participating in a number of events.

    My schedule so far:

    • Mythology as the Basis for Speculative Fiction Panel – Friday 1PM
    • Noir at the Bar – Friday 9PM+
    • Coffin Hop Presents – Saturday 10AM
    • Analemma Books (Enigma Front: The Monster Within) Book Social – Saturday 1PM
    • Autograph Session – Saturday 8-10PM
    • Blue Pencil Café – Sunday 11AM

    September 28th, 2017
    Coffin Hop will be officially launching Fishing with the Devil along with Axel Howerton’s noirvella masterpiece, Con Morte, at the Owls Nest. It’ll be a fun party with drinks, snacks, readings, and most certainly mischief. Come on down!

    Running Events

    Running, running, and more running. After surviving a nasty chest cold in June, I’m ramping back up in preparation for a couple of upcoming races.

    Already picked out a tombstone.

    ♥ ♥ ♥


  • Fishing with the Devil

    Available now from Coffin Hop Press. Get your tacklebox packed, your pole ready, and your soul primed for adventure. Two-time Robin Herrington Memorial Award finalist Robert Bose (nEvermore; AB Negative; Enigma Front: Burnt) takes you on a guided tour all the way from the lakes of hell to the unforgiving sands of the red planet. FISHING WITH THE DEVIL and other fiendish tales collects stories new, and previously published, spanning the genres from Science Fiction to Urban Fantasy, from childhood terror to bizarre bathroom horrors, while always keeping the Devil himself close at hand.

    An aptly titled collection, a dark lake where you drop your line with no idea what’s going to bite. You could end up reeling in steampunk, futurist ultra-violence, dark comedy, or sci-fi noir. But always you’re aware of the Devil in the boat, sitting right next to you. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

    – Sarah L. Johnson, author of Suicide Stitch


    A darkly hilarious twist on urban fantasy, a collection of stories full of suspense, grim confrontations, hellish stakes, and delightful absurdity. Highly recommended.

    – Brent Nichols, author of Stars like Cold Fire

    ◊ ◊ ◊

    Pick it up now at Amazon.com or Amazon.ca or Kobo


  • Monster Rises

    Check out my latest short story – ‘Secrets and Lies’ – about a conflicted soldier willing to sacrifice everything to unearth ancient forbidden memories.

    ⊗ ⊗ ⊗

    The team who brought you the Aurora nominated Enigma Front: Burnt now presents you with twenty-two new stories of demon dentists and devilish wingmen, of psychic parasites and mad mathematicians. Hunters stalk the streets of Whitechapel and lurk in the hotels of Africa, and may – or may not – haunt a lonely road outside Saskatoon. First, Everything changed. Then, everything burned. Now, the monster rises!

    By Renee Bennett,  Michael Gillett, Colin Maheu, Elizabeth Grotkowski, Kevin Weir, Robert W. Easton, Celeste A. Peters, Calvin D. Jim, Robert J. Sawyer, Erin Sneath, Chris Patrick Carolan, Ron S. Friedman, Brent Nichols, J. M. Dover, Selene O’Rourke, Ashton Noone, Stephen Swan, Robert Bose, Susan Forest, Shannon Allen, Al Onia

    ⊗ ⊗ ⊗

    Available in digital and paperback at Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

  • Biketopia

    In a world with an uncertain future, do you imagine for the best or for the worst case scenario? Twelve writers tackle extreme utopias and dystopias—and the grey areas in between—in Biketopia, the fourth volume of the Bikes in Space series of feminist science fiction stories about bicycling. Some find love and fierce resistance in the end times; others imagine an ecological future of saving technology, with solarpunk ecotopian visions, at times paired with crushing social control. Whatever your own future or present reality, these stories will motivate and inspire you to envision something different… and maybe even better.

    In my story, entitled ‘Taming the Beast’, a young woman gets a little more than she bargained for when she takes her new Cyclotronic ZEN9 for a spin.

    ⊗ ⊗ ⊗

    Available in digital or paperback now at Microcosm Publishing or Amazon.com or Amazon.ca


  • Another fantastic year pretty much in the can. Ran a lot, wrote a lot, cried when the universe snatched away some inspirational creative folks like David Bowie and Leonard Cohen.

    The big news is that I’ll be editing a holiday crime anthology for Coffin Hop Press in 2017. We’ve got a great line up of cool cat authors and I can’t wait to unleash this soon to be classic on the world.

    Holiday Havoc!


    Lots and lots of writing focused on getting my short story collection (Fishing with the Devil) into appropriate shape to release in 2017. I never thought it would take months upon months to clean up and complete the short stories, but yeah…

    Upcoming Writing/Literature Events
    Some great stuff coming up. So far on tap:


    Now that I’m sliding into winter hibernation, I can relax and ponder my last three races of 2016. Finlayson Arm was a beautiful brute. Technical. Steep. Endless. I’d thought Squamish was tough, but this was tougher. Eleven hours of pain, but we pushed through it. The Harvest Half and First Responder’s Half in October and November were fun, flat, and simple. Not challenging, but considering I’d damaged both body and soul on Finlayson, that’s okay.

    Upcoming Races
    Next year is shaping up to be a killer race year. Since I’m turning fifty I’ll be pushing a pile of 50 km+ races! So far on tap:

    • Frozen Ass 50 – February 20th, 2017
    • Diez Vista 50 – April 8th, 2017
    • Calgary Marathon 50 – May 28th, 2017
    • Squamish 50 – August 19th, 2017
    • Lost Soul 100 – September 8th, 2017


    Book of the Week/Month/Variable Time Period
    Shadow’s Fall: New White Sands City Cyberpunk Book 1 by Ron Bender
    In a future where corporations govern, eCash rules, and technology is everything, Raven steals, kills, and shops while looking damn good at it. When she acquires some explosive data, and the scrutiny of powerful adversaries who know more about her than she does, she discovers that having the right friends, the right family, is the most valuable prize of all.

    A fast paced cyberpunk action adventure that twists and turns, taking you down dark, dirty underworld paths and up to lofty, bright corporate corridors. The vast cast of characters pop, springing alive to populate a fully realized New White Sands City and one crazy world. A fantastic beginning to an ambitious series, highly recommended!

    Shadow's Fall by Ron Bender

  • Last weekend I attended the annual When Words Collide literary festival and, as usual, it was a complete blast. A highlight was the fantastic Noir at the Bar with ‘spiderwoman’ Sarah L. Johnson taking home the golden skull and the door prize bottle of scotch being ‘returned’. I’m thinking it’s cursed, a spirit possessed by actually spirits. Great people, cool panels, and interesting parties. Really interesting parties. Nerds.

    I finally met Nancy Kilpatrick in person, one of the editors of the award winning nEvermore!: Tales of Murder, Mystery & the Macabre. We did a day trip to Banff and Lake Louise, and even though the weather wasn’t stellar and the crowds were insane, we had a great, all day chat. At the conference we hung out at the Edge Publishing booth as featured authors.

    Featured Authors

    Enigma Front: Burnt officially released, with my story Hot Blooded, and we had a book launch. Additionally, my story Fallen made the finals of this years Robin Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest. It didn’t win, but the judges liked my writing and provided excellent feedback.

    I love this festival and next year’s edition can’t come quick enough.


    Lots on the go. Trying to finish my Camelot story, revising some sci-fi/horror tales, and considering putting together a short story collection of my current work since getting the Novel complete is going to take awhile.

    Finlayson Arm is only three weeks away! How time flies. Squats, squats, and more squats. I’ve also signed up for the First Responder’s Half Marathon on November 6th and I should sign up for the Harvest Half in October if Finlayson doesn’t kill me.

    Upcoming Events

    Book of the Week/Month/Variable Time Period
    Enigma Front: Burnt by the IFWT’s (including old me)
    From elemental wizardry gone wickedly wrong to devilish deeds and futures up in flames, these twenty one stories set the pages ablaze exploring the myriad ways of getting singed, fried and outright incinerated.

  • Burnt

    CAUTION: Don’t burn your fingers turning the pages of this action-packed volume! From elemental wizardry gone wickedly wrong to devilish deeds and futures up in flames, these twenty one stories set the pages ablaze exploring the myriad ways of getting singed, fried and outright incinerated. Read stories by established, award-winning authors, as well as newly ignited lights in the creative universe. Flames, acid, radiation, steam, broken hearts and broken deals…


    Featuring Stories By: Jayne Barnard, Renee Bennett, Robert Bose, Chris Patrick Carolan, Christopher M. Chupik, Susan Forest, Ron S. Friedman, Elizabeth Grotkowski , Katie Harse, Chris M. Jessop, Valerie King, Adria Laycraft, Colin Maheu, Brent Nichols, R. Overwater, Lee F. Patrick, Celeste A. Peters, Tim Reynolds, Robert J. Sawyer, Erin Sneath, David Worsick

    ∞ ∞ ∞

    Available in digital or paperback now at Amazon.com or Amazon.ca or Kobo

  • While officially being released at When Words Collide (WWC) August 12th, I’m happy to announce that Enigma Front: Burnt is out and and available via Amazon as of this moment! It’s a smoking anthology by a group of fellow IFWA authors and contains my contribution Hot Blooded, a sequel to Fishing with the Devil (a finalist in the WWC 2015 Robin Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest). So if you want to read more about Lil and her grandfather, pick it up.

    Hmm, what else is new?

    If you haven’t already, visit crime lord Axel Howerton’s website and sign up for the Got How? newsletter. Subscribers will receive his new Uno Moss e-book, a fun collection of Hot Sinatra related stories. Axel is also teaching a two fall workshops at the Alexandra Writers Center. A must attend if you are interested in writing genre or urban fantasy.

    Also, in recent news, my friend and fellow Calgary criminal mind Jayne Barnard won the 2016 Unhanged Arthur for Best Unpublished First Crime Novel for her book When the Flood Falls. Congrats!

    I’ve been concentrating on my supernatural detective novel with a little bit of Camelot on the side. Not super motivated at the moment, due to all the summer distractions, but everything is moving forward inch by inch.

    My next ultra trail race will be Finlayson Arm in September. It’s going to be a brute with a ton of technical trail and heaps of elevation. I ran the initial part of it, including the first big climb, during my last visit to Victoria. Fantastic views and beautiful terrain. I’m already in pain.

    Upcoming Events

    Books of the Week/Month/Variable Time Period
    Invisible Dead by Sam Weibe
    Another excellent dark gritty detective tale from Sam Wiebe and the start of a new series. Loved the Vancouver setting and great cast of characters. Highly recommended!

    The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins
    Carolyn is a librarian, but not the kind you’d find at your typical neighborhood library. She is mixed up in a crazy mythos and crazier events that span space and time, but she has a plan. I love the fact that for the first few chapters you don’t have a bloody clue what’s actually going on, and when you think you are catching on, the twists keep throwing wrenches. Excellent and unique.

  • Just saw the proof copy of Enigma Front: Burnt containing my next published story Hot Blooded. It looks fantastic and I can’t wait until When Words Collide (WWC) for everyone to read it.

    A few exciting events last month, the highlight being my inclusion in the tenth anniversary of Writing in the Works. I read from my novel in progress and hung out with some great folks.

    Otherwise, I submitted a few stories to various markets, wrote a bunch, and generally went with the flow. Not the best way to get my novel finished, but it’s crawling along.

    I managed, with my buddy Steve’s support, to hobble my way through Diez Vista, a 50km mountain race with an ample amount of challenging elevation. Nasty and hard, but I survived. It made me realize I need to lose about twenty pounds before the main event in September.

    For a bit of active recover I ran the 30km Eyeball the Wall race the Saturday morning of Calgary Expo. Probably not the brightest move, considering I needed to immediately head to the Expo, but a nice way to work the kinks out. Now I need to get my butt into gear, get lean, put my nose to the endurance grindstone.

    Upcoming Events

    Book of the Week/Month/Variable Time Period
    Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey
    Why didn’t I read this sooner? I must have been living under a rock. This is exactly the sort of story I love the most – paranormal/supernatural mystery with all the right crazy.