• February 13th, 2003

    Last week was rather fun, if I do say so myself. Had the pleasure of being interviewed by the amazing Steve Stred for his 3Q series. Check it out here!

    And if that wasn’t enough, on February 9th, we celebrated the recent launching of the latest Seventh Terrace anthology, Penitent’s Gold. Great party, with fabulous readings and literary camaraderie.

    What I watched: Skinamarink (not sure what the hell I watched there), Dave made a Maze (fun) and Head of the House (weird).

    What I read: When the Sky Comes Looking for You: Short Trips Down the Thunder Road by Chadwick Ginther (some entertaining short stories – the raven’s need their own book).

  • I should post more here. I should. Just a head’s up I mostly hang out and post over at the small press publishing house The Seventh Terrace. I should cross-post at least. I should…

    Anyways, news! While I’ve mostly been working on novels and contributing to the Purgatorio anthologies (the latest being Penitent’s Gold) at The Seventh Terrace, I did have a short story published last week. It’s called “Well Hung” and it fits rather appropriately in a new anthology called The F**ckening from Sci-fi Lampoon.

    And speaking of Penitent’s Gold, we’re having a book party for it on February 9th at cSpace in Calgary, Alberta – so if you’re in the vicinity, considering checking it out.

    I’ll also be at Wordbridge on February 25th where I’ll be on a panel talking about horror, and giving a presentation about collaborative writing. Should be fun!


    I should do a better job keeping the site current. I should… I spend most of my free updating/SM time on The Seventh Terrace and Twitter and such though, so that’s where you’ll typically find me.


    Had a few short stories published. Wrote a bunch, subbed a bunch, hoping 2022 will be a good year.

    • Finished many drafts of A Queen in Amber, my Lovecraftian/Zelaznian novel.
    • “The Last Wave” – my surfing short story was published in the AWCS 40th Anniversary book WonderShift.
    • “Corn Dogs” – a co-write with Sarah L. Johnson was published in Home for the Howlidays by Tyche Books.
    • “Cheeseburger Philosophy” – another weird and wild story for Terrace VI: Forbidden Fruit.
    • “Gravesend” – a fun Trace & Solomon novella co-write with Sarah L. Johnson in Terrace VI: Forbidden Fruit.


    Sarah L. Johnson and I edited and published three books through The Seventh Terrace in 2021.

    More great work is in the pipe, including Hell Hast No Sorrow Like a Woman Haunted by R.J. Joseph and the next Purgatorio book Terrace V: Penitent’s Gold, for 2022 – stay tuned!


    Lots of running in 2021. Too much really, as I damaged both Achilles, didn’t recover, got tendonitis, ignored that, then got wretched bursitis. And tried to run/race through that… until I couldn’t even walk anymore. Anyhows, once I realized how much of an idiot I was, I started a recovery program, stopped running, got Shockwave therapy (or as I like to say, expensive voluntary torture), and have been resting up. I should be able to run again soon!

    2021 Races:

    • WAM (Whistler Alpine Meadows) 60 km (September)
    • Lost Soul Ultra 50 km (September)
    • Black Spur Ultra 108 km (August)

    2022 Races:

    • Calgary Marathon 50 km (May)
    • Squamish 50 miler (August)
    • WAM – Triple Wammy (Whistler Alpine Meadows) Vert, 25 km, 50km (September)
  • By Sarah L. Johnson & Robert Bose

    We wrote a new thing!

    Read the review HERE!

    Welcome to Torrington, Alberta. A wide spot in the blacktop, home to the world-famous Gopher Hole Museum above, and a massive convergence of mystical energy below. When a rogue exorcist acquires a soul translocating relic, the Vatican reluctantly – very reluctantly – turns to the only mercenaries capable of taking it back. The hard-drinking, double-crossing, catastrophe-courting mercenaries that sold it to him in the first place.

    Trace and Solomon ought to know better. Church work is always a handshake with the Devil, but this time there’s more than money on the line, and it forces them to question what matters most. In this life, and the next.

    Available at: AmazonAmazon CanadaKobo


    Wow, it’s been a year since I updated this poor site. Not going to promise to do better because… yeah. Way too many other priorities at the moment.

    2019 has been an amazing year thus far. The big news, of course, is that I started a micro horror press with the illustrious Sarah L. Johnson called The Seventh Terrace.

    Our first book is a collaboration called Terrace VII: Wall of Fire. It’s a dark little beast. Pick it up and tell us what you think.


    After a busy summer I managed to get back to some serious writing, both on my novel in progress and numerous short stories. Some great stuff in the pipe that will hopefully find a home ‘out there’ somewhere or in my next collection that’s slowly congealing.

    This year I had a couple of short stories published:

    • The King on the Beer Bottle Throne – in Black Dog Review #3
    • Essential Services – in The Stories We Hide: Enigma Front #5

    Also had my story, The Last Wave, short listed for the 2019 Raven Short Story Contest at Pulp Literature. Super cool!


    The publishing business is crazy you know? The four books I’ve been working on over the last eighteen months all ended up being released in a late October and early November. Just the way things roll sometimes. Fabulous books, each and every one.

    Some cool stuff planned and in the pipe for 2020 – stay tuned!


    I ran. A lot. Kept the wheels on for the most part, stayed sane, and found adventure with the best of friends.


    • Frozen Ass 50 km (February)
    • Calgary Marathon 50 km (May)
    • River Revenge 100 km (June)
    • The Great Canadian Death Race 125 km (August)
    • Lost Soul 100 km (September)

    Just getting sorted for 2020. Should be epic.

  • ♥ ♥ ♥

    My latest anthology from Coffin Hop Press is a delicious collection of  Holiday Horror, Christmas Crime and Yuletide Woe!

    The fourteen stories in this book are as varied as their authors, with one thing in common: exploring the dark side of that most wonderful time of year. They’ll light your menorahs, stuff your stockings, and keep you warm through those long winter nights.

    Featuring deliciously shocking stories from:

    • E.C. Bell – That Old A-Wassailing Scam
    • Alex Benarzi – Nerium
    • Rob Brunet – Blown
    • Chris Patrick Carolan – Circle of Steel
    • M. Jane Colette – Violets
    • S.A Cosby – Sweet Baby Jesus
    • Meredith Frazier – Brother’s Keeper
    • Therese Greenwood – The Power Man
    • Jim Jackson – King Wong & the Mistress of Christmas
    • Claude Lalumière – The Fixer, the Cop, His Ex, and Her Killer
    • Liam Sweeny – Christmas Confessions
    • Kevin P. Thornton – The Shih Tzu’s Present
    • Darusha Wehm – Mistletoe & Holly
    • Sam Weibe – In the Dead of Winter

    ♥ ♥ ♥

    Edited by Sarah L. Johnson and Robert Bose, with a fabulous cover by the Axel Howerton.

    ♥ ♥ ♥

    Pick it up now at Amazon.com or Amazon.ca or Kobo

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  • Onward

    This fantastic new anthology contains my latest short story, ‘One Foot in the Grave’, about a squad of soldiers on a perilous rescue mission.

    ⊗ ⊗ ⊗

    We’re living in troubling times. World leaders squabbling like schoolchildren on Twitter. Persistent grim economic forecasts. Unprecedented environmental disasters. Avocado toast. It’s rough out there. Featuring 21 stories from members of the Imaginative Fiction Writers Association, ENIGMA FRONT: ONWARD turns a hopeful eye to the future and the past, to worlds real and imagined. Worlds in peril, worlds in their prime, and worlds on the edge of rebirth. Worlds inhabited by curious aliens and helpful Fae folk, by Golden Age heroes and rebellious robots, and by the regular people doing their best to get through it all. Now… ONWARD!

    by Chris Patrick Carolan (Author/Editor), Calvin D. Jim (Author), Renee Bennett (Author), Brent Nichols(Author), Alecyn Lea (Author), Kevin Weir (Author), Adria Laycraft (Author), Mark Phillip Ross(Author), Dale McShannock (Author), Lucas K. Law (Author), Katie Harse (Author), Robert Bose(Author), Robert J. Sawyer (Author), Christopher M. Chupik (Author), Celeste A. Peters (Author), Chris Marrs (Author), James Grotkowski (Author), Dan M. Hampton (Author), Elizabeth Grotkowski (Author), Ashton Noone (Author), P. J. Vernon (Author)

    ⊗ ⊗ ⊗

    Available in digital and paperback at Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

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  • The News

    Survived 2017 and another holiday season, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, an all that. 2017 was insane, getting Fishing with the Devil completed and published, joining Coffin Hop Press, editing and publishing some fantastic work including Con Morte, Manchester Vice, and It’s a Weird Winter Wonderland. I made a pile of great new friends, learned a crap ton about the publishing industry, ran some brutal ultra-marathon trail races, and had a blast doing all of it.

    Now it’s 2018 and I’m pretty stoked with what’s in the pipe. We have at least seven great books coming out and I’ve signed up for even nastier trail races. It won’t be dull, I can guarantee that!


    The last couple months were about coming up with crazy shit. Polished off Well Hung, the first Winston and Wu story for my Tales from the Double-W Pawn Shop book, and plotted out the rest of the book. Wrote a couple of fun stories for personal audiences including another episode of my yearly Christmas homage for the folks at work and a messed up piece, about a nasty little critter, for a dear friend.

    Once I complete some editing projects and a possible sci-fi story for Enigma Front: Onward, I’ll get back to chipping away at No Joy (a full length Tagger Boone novel) and more Winston and Wu shorts.


    Lots of editing work for Coffin Hop Press including turning the gears on Rocket Ryder and Little Putt-Putt Go Down Swinging and Killing Mr. Edwards.

    I’m also happy to be assisting on the 2018 IFWA anthology entitled Enigma Front: Onward. This year Chris Carolan has stepped up to publish it and he’s set up an Indiegogo campaign, with one of the tiers a critique from yours truly. If you can, toss a few bucks towards this great project.

    Upcoming Events

    Look for these fantastic events over the next few months.

    Bloody Offensive 2018
    Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 (7pm-9pm)
    Coffin Hop Press will be sponsoring this year’s Bloody Offensive event at The Owl’s Nest. Will it live up to last years? Only time will tell.

    bloody offensive banner


    Infractus/Rocket Ryder and Little Putt Putt Go Down Swinging/Killing Mr. Edwards Launch
    Thursday, April 19th, 2018 (7pm-9pm)

    Coffin Hop Press will be officially launching our Spring titles at cSPACE King Edward this year. It’s going to be a fantastic party with drinks, food, readings, and lots of mischief. Not to be missed!

    InfractusRocket RyderKilling Mr. Edwards


    Winter’s always been my off-season where I laze around the house, eat my weight in butter tarts, and generally turn into a fat slob. Not this year! With the demanding race schedule I’m planning for 2018, I figured I’d better my shit into high gear. In order to facilitate high gear shit, I joined the Strides Run Streak, a fun event that challenges you to run a mile every day during the month of December. Of course, being me and, uh, insane, my minimum target was 10 kilometers a day. I ran through the bloody snow and cold and ended grinding 367 kilometers with only minor injuries to body and spirit. I’ll definitely be doing that again next year!

    2018 Run Streak

    Upcoming Running Events

    My 2018 race schedule is starting to shape up and it’s going to be both challenging and rewarding. Must… lose… weight…

    ♥ ♥ ♥