Blog Post for July 12st, 2015

AB Negative: An Anthology of Alberta Crime has a release date! August 6th. I hope everyone enjoys all the great stories. My entry is called ‘A Dead Reckoning’ and I’m proud to be part of this fantastic compilation.

Besides writing, I’ve been training for running the Squamish 50 mountain ultra-marathon in August, and then Lost Soul ultra down in Lethbridge in September. Also, Calgary Stampede.

Coming Up: Lots of online events for nEvermore! and a book launch for AB Negative.

Book of the Week: Hot Sinatra
This is a fantastic crime novel by Axel Howerton. His detective Moss Cole is an old time, classic character. I hope to see a sequel! This was an Arthur Ellis Award Nominee for Best First Novel.

Recent Writing

  • One more episode of the Deathlyflash Unfortunates. L is for Laird. A fifth in the pipe.
  • Writing another supernatural crime story ‘One for Sorrow’ staring my finder of lost things ‘Tagger Boone’.
  • Working on outlining and chapter two of my archaeology tale.
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