Current Mischief – March 26th, 2016

Time. Where does it go? It flies by in a relentless rush of family, work, writing and running, that’s where. At least the precious little downtime I can carve out is total quality. Maui for Spring Break. You can’t beat the beach, sun, and beer for clearing the mind and healing the soul.

Lots and lots of writing, rewriting, and editing of late. The good news? I’ve sold two stories so far in 2016. I can’t discuss them yet, before the official announcements, but they are coming. In addition, I’ve submitted a few more that I haven’t heard back about. A tiny chance on those, but it doesn’t hurt to be optimistic. Many more in the pipe. Many. More.

That’s why my supernatural mystery/crime/thing novel is puttering along slower than expected. I need to hunker down and get that puppy ground out. But… time.

The highlight of the previous three months has been attending Axel Howerton’s Writing from the Shadows course at the Alexandra Writers’s Centre Society. A deep dive into noir and hardboiled with a fantastic group of folks. I’m not sure I’m cut out to write dark, but I learned a lot.

Keeping a decent weekly running regime, with loads of hills, in preparation for upcoming races. Next up is Diez Vista in early April – a challenging 50km trail race in the mountains near Port Moody BC.

Upcoming Events
Noir at the Bar – March 30th [Reading]
Suicide Stitch Launch Party – April 14th
Writers in the House – April 16th/17th
2016 Arthur Ellis Shortlist Announcements – April 21st
Writing in the Works – April 28th [Reading]
Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo – April 29th-May 1st

Book of the Week/Month/Variable Time Period
Suicide Stitch by Sarah L. Johnson
Amazon Blurb (until I get a review up): Love is woven into the fabric of our lives. A force of nature that knits us together even as it tears us apart. Threads of hunger, passion, and pain run through this collection where the last Nephilim fights his gory cravings, a latchkey kid befriends a cage dancer, and a bizarre threat lurks in the shadows of a friendly neighbourhood. Siblings turn monstrous and gods are brought to their knees in a dark literary patchwork that will drive you into the knot of your lover’s arms, knowing how easily you could unravel. Suicide Stitch is sexy, transgressive, and intelligent; comprised of eleven tales that explore the sinister side of love.

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