Current Mischief – July 29th, 2016

While officially being released at When Words Collide (WWC) August 12th, I’m happy to announce that Enigma Front: Burnt is out and and available via Amazon as of this moment! It’s a smoking anthology by a group of fellow IFWA authors and contains my contribution Hot Blooded, a sequel to Fishing with the Devil (a finalist in the WWC 2015 Robin Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest). So if you want to read more about Lil and her grandfather, pick it up.

Hmm, what else is new?

If you haven’t already, visit crime lord Axel Howerton’s website and sign up for the Got How? newsletter. Subscribers will receive his new Uno Moss e-book, a fun collection of Hot Sinatra related stories. Axel is also teaching a two fall workshops at the Alexandra Writers Center. A must attend if you are interested in writing genre or urban fantasy.

Also, in recent news, my friend and fellow Calgary criminal mind Jayne Barnard won the 2016 Unhanged Arthur for Best Unpublished First Crime Novel for her book When the Flood Falls. Congrats!

I’ve been concentrating on my supernatural detective novel with a little bit of Camelot on the side. Not super motivated at the moment, due to all the summer distractions, but everything is moving forward inch by inch.

My next ultra trail race will be Finlayson Arm in September. It’s going to be a brute with a ton of technical trail and heaps of elevation. I ran the initial part of it, including the first big climb, during my last visit to Victoria. Fantastic views and beautiful terrain. I’m already in pain.

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Books of the Week/Month/Variable Time Period
Invisible Dead by Sam Weibe
Another excellent dark gritty detective tale from Sam Wiebe and the start of a new series. Loved the Vancouver setting and great cast of characters. Highly recommended!

The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins
Carolyn is a librarian, but not the kind you’d find at your typical neighborhood library. She is mixed up in a crazy mythos and crazier events that span space and time, but she has a plan. I love the fact that for the first few chapters you don’t have a bloody clue what’s actually going on, and when you think you are catching on, the twists keep throwing wrenches. Excellent and unique.

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