Current Mischief – December 24th, 2016

Another fantastic year pretty much in the can. Ran a lot, wrote a lot, cried when the universe snatched away some inspirational creative folks like David Bowie and Leonard Cohen.

The big news is that I’ll be editing a holiday crime anthology for Coffin Hop Press in 2017. We’ve got a great line up of cool cat authors and I can’t wait to unleash this soon to be classic on the world.

Holiday Havoc!


Lots and lots of writing focused on getting my short story collection (Fishing with the Devil) into appropriate shape to release in 2017. I never thought it would take months upon months to clean up and complete the short stories, but yeah…

Upcoming Writing/Literature Events
Some great stuff coming up. So far on tap:


Now that I’m sliding into winter hibernation, I can relax and ponder my last three races of 2016. Finlayson Arm was a beautiful brute. Technical. Steep. Endless. I’d thought Squamish was tough, but this was tougher. Eleven hours of pain, but we pushed through it. The Harvest Half and First Responder’s Half in October and November were fun, flat, and simple. Not challenging, but considering I’d damaged both body and soul on Finlayson, that’s okay.

Upcoming Races
Next year is shaping up to be a killer race year. Since I’m turning fifty I’ll be pushing a pile of 50 km+ races! So far on tap:

  • Frozen Ass 50 – February 20th, 2017
  • Diez Vista 50 – April 8th, 2017
  • Calgary Marathon 50 – May 28th, 2017
  • Squamish 50 – August 19th, 2017
  • Lost Soul 100 – September 8th, 2017


Book of the Week/Month/Variable Time Period
Shadow’s Fall: New White Sands City Cyberpunk Book 1 by Ron Bender
In a future where corporations govern, eCash rules, and technology is everything, Raven steals, kills, and shops while looking damn good at it. When she acquires some explosive data, and the scrutiny of powerful adversaries who know more about her than she does, she discovers that having the right friends, the right family, is the most valuable prize of all.

A fast paced cyberpunk action adventure that twists and turns, taking you down dark, dirty underworld paths and up to lofty, bright corporate corridors. The vast cast of characters pop, springing alive to populate a fully realized New White Sands City and one crazy world. A fantastic beginning to an ambitious series, highly recommended!

Shadow's Fall by Ron Bender

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