Enigma Front: Onward


This fantastic new anthology contains my latest short story, ‘One Foot in the Grave’, about a squad of soldiers on a perilous rescue mission.

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We’re living in troubling times. World leaders squabbling like schoolchildren on Twitter. Persistent grim economic forecasts. Unprecedented environmental disasters. Avocado toast. It’s rough out there. Featuring 21 stories from members of the Imaginative Fiction Writers Association, ENIGMA FRONT: ONWARD turns a hopeful eye to the future and the past, to worlds real and imagined. Worlds in peril, worlds in their prime, and worlds on the edge of rebirth. Worlds inhabited by curious aliens and helpful Fae folk, by Golden Age heroes and rebellious robots, and by the regular people doing their best to get through it all. Now… ONWARD!

by Chris Patrick Carolan (Author/Editor), Calvin D. Jim (Author), Renee Bennett (Author), Brent Nichols(Author), Alecyn Lea (Author), Kevin Weir (Author), Adria Laycraft (Author), Mark Phillip Ross(Author), Dale McShannock (Author), Lucas K. Law (Author), Katie Harse (Author), Robert Bose(Author), Robert J. Sawyer (Author), Christopher M. Chupik (Author), Celeste A. Peters (Author), Chris Marrs (Author), James Grotkowski (Author), Dan M. Hampton (Author), Elizabeth Grotkowski (Author), Ashton Noone (Author), P. J. Vernon (Author)

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Available in digital and paperback at Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

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