Current Mischief – November 2019


Wow, it’s been a year since I updated this poor site. Not going to promise to do better because… yeah. Way too many other priorities at the moment.

2019 has been an amazing year thus far. The big news, of course, is that I started a micro horror press with the illustrious Sarah L. Johnson called The Seventh Terrace.

Our first book is a collaboration called Terrace VII: Wall of Fire. It’s a dark little beast. Pick it up and tell us what you think.


After a busy summer I managed to get back to some serious writing, both on my novel in progress and numerous short stories. Some great stuff in the pipe that will hopefully find a home ‘out there’ somewhere or in my next collection that’s slowly congealing.

This year I had a couple of short stories published:

  • The King on the Beer Bottle Throne – in Black Dog Review #3
  • Essential Services – in The Stories We Hide: Enigma Front #5

Also had my story, The Last Wave, short listed for the 2019 Raven Short Story Contest at Pulp Literature. Super cool!


The publishing business is crazy you know? The four books I’ve been working on over the last eighteen months all ended up being released in a late October and early November. Just the way things roll sometimes. Fabulous books, each and every one.

Some cool stuff planned and in the pipe for 2020 – stay tuned!


I ran. A lot. Kept the wheels on for the most part, stayed sane, and found adventure with the best of friends.


  • Frozen Ass 50 km (February)
  • Calgary Marathon 50 km (May)
  • River Revenge 100 km (June)
  • The Great Canadian Death Race 125 km (August)
  • Lost Soul 100 km (September)

Just getting sorted for 2020. Should be epic.

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