Blog Post for August 30th, 2014

An action packed and busy vacation week. It was the final gasp of summer before the kids go back to school so we made the best of it by getting out for a couple of camping trips. Comfort camping is now a ‘thing’ so we tried that in Banff. A couple of days in a luxurious yurt/tent cabin on the shore of Two Jack Lake. Fantastic. Then I took one of my sons on our traditional annual tenting/fishing/camping trip. It was a great time punctuated with one mishap. A snagged fishing hook came loose unexpectedly and became embedded in my arm. Given it still had a bit of a barb, it was a challenge to extract. I ended up cutting it out with a jackknife and a multi-tool. Battlefield surgery! I’m sure some of this will make it into a story or two.

I found time for writing every day. After chatting with my Mom and Brother I got ‘The Lord of Corn-Town’ written up and posted. It has some fun memories.

The third chapter my Frostbyte novel had been sitting there nagging at me so I finished a rough draft. It just needs some time to age and I’ll get it cleaned up and up on the site.

A dark sort of horror/crazy/bizzaro horror anthology I like is accepting submissions. I had a tiny bud of a story idea that blossomed. It practically wrote itself in a few hours. I love it when that happens. It’s twisted.

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