Blog Post for September 18th, 2014

Another couple of weeks have come and gone. The Summer is fading away and it will be Fall before we know it! Calgary experienced a taste of it last week with a three day storm that dumped a foot of snow on unsuspecting trees. They are still clearing up the broken limbs from across the city. Never a dull moment around these parts. This week is sunny and warm again.

The long weekend was a great one. Steve and I wandered down to Lethbridge to run the Lost Soul ultra-marathon. It was challenging but fun. I managed the 54km route in 8 hours and was happy for that time. There were many many steep climbs up and down the coulees and I was hurting by the end. I think I’ll try and do it again next year and see if I can improve my time with targeted training now that I know how the race goes.

I have been writing as much as possible, but I need to pick it up a bit.

  • I wrote a fun story for my friend Jenn called Red. It’s about the trouble a poor young writer gets into when she goes on a retreat in Cork. It turned out well.
  • I have also been doing some heavy editing on a dark humor/horror story I wrote in August. It’s taken a bit to get it the way I want it.
  • I’m also ‘almost’ finished a sword and sorcery story that will be the first in a semi-connected series of tales. It just needs a tiny bit more work and then a few rounds of editing.
  • I’m working on a race report for the Lost Soul ultra-marathon.
  • I started a superhero story for a book submission. Its very dark but I already like where it’s going.

I almost feel like I’m burning matches at the moment, and not getting enough sleep, but it will work itself out I’m sure!

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