Blog Post for October 21th, 2014

I managed to take a short micro-vacation around Thanksgiving where I wandered out to Victoria to see the Robertsons. While I was out there I did some diving, ran the Victoria Marathon, drank lots of beer, and relaxed. I love visiting there!

At the same time there was a nasty fire downtown Calgary what knocked out the power to our office. Last week was a pretty big mess coping with disaster recovery and such. Never a dull moment.

On the writing front I have been plugging along with all of my projects. I was registered to take a fun one night writing course on ‘Forming Fictional Characters’ with Simon Rose, but sadly it seems to have been cancelled. I guess I’ll look for another one.

Recent Writing

  • My sword and sorcery story ‘Old Bones’ is now up on
  • Wrote a story called ‘Idiom’ for my wife for her birthday. It’s about a teacher and various literary devices.
  • Wrote a flash story called ‘Christmas Past’ based on a prompt from my boy. I’m going to send it out with Christmas cards this year.
  • Completed and posted a race report for the Lost Soul 2014 Ultra-Marathon.
  • Completed and posted a race report for the Victoria Marathon 2014.

My Current Writing Works in Progress

  • Wrote part of chapter 5 of my Frostbyte novel. The story is taking on a life of it’s own and needs a bit of rework to it’s structure. Need to think about this one a bit more.
  • Completed a solid outline for the sci-fi/horror story called ‘Catacombs’ and started the first draft. Loving this one!
  • Sketched some of the first draft of a ‘true tale’ about building a cannon. My kids seem a little too interested…


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