Blog Post for January 1st, 2015

Well, here we are again, at the start of a brand new year. Happy New Years everyone!

2014 Writing Recap
The last couple of months ended up being crazy busy with work, life and such, but still wrote as much as I could. Submitted some stories to contests and anthologies. Haven’t won or been excepted anywhere yet, but I’ll keep plugging away.

My statistics for the year:
– 90,000 words on creative fiction and creative non-fiction
– 11 creative non-fiction stories
– 11 creative fiction stories
– 10 chapters in various books
– 6 race reports
– Full outline for one book, partial outlines for a couple more

2015 Writing Goals
I have a lot of stories swirling around in my head and I’ll be tackling as many as I can. I need to finish two that I started in 2014 and get them submitted to various anthologies and magazines.

My goals for the year:
– 100,000 words
– 20 short stories
– First draft of a book
– Get at least one story accepted in some anthology or magazine
– Take at least one course on writing/editing
– Become part of a writing group

2014 Running Recap
I put in a fair amount of mileage in 2014 and managed to remain mostly injury free (aside from some minor issues with an achilles and a hamstring at various points).

My statistics for the year:
– 1800km run
– Lots of cycling and swimming (didn’t track this too closely though)
– 2 marathons
– 1 50km ultra-marathon
– 1 70.3 Ironman
– A few 10k and half marathon races

2015 Running Goals
This year will be about keeping it up and slowly ramping up the distance so I can manage a 50 miler in 2016. I’m going to dedicate part of my training to increasing my climbing ability with at least one hard hill/mountain run a week.

My goals for the year:
– 2000 km running
– 20,000 m elevation gain
– 4 50km ultra-marathons
– Whatever marathons, half marathons and 10k races that look fun
– Possibly an olympic distance (or two) triathlons for some cross-training


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