Blog Post for January 26th, 2015

The weather in Calgary is fantastic for the end of January. Warm and balmy! It’s such a huge difference from the six months of winter we had last year. I’ve been ramping up my running in preparation of the Frozen Ass 50k in three weeks. Let the punishment fit the crime I always say, and the crime was sitting on my ass and eating/drinking a bit too much over Christmas.

My reading recommendation for the week is Silver Bullets by Laird Ryan States. He’s an Edmonton author but I’ll try not to hold that against him. The book is a weird western and a lot of fun.

Recent Writing
– Completed and submitted an Edgar Allan Poe (EAP) story and submitted it. It was challenging but fun to write in that sort of style with an EAP genre plot.
– Completed and submitted a superhero origin story for the Tesseracts 19 anthology. I loved this one enough that I’ve already started notes for a sequel.
– Completed and sent in a short flash piece for a contest with the theme ‘Flash Future’. It was a neat little piece about cycling technology. Not sure what to do with this one but I’ll find it a home somewhere.
– Completed and posted a Mostly True tale called ‘Loose Cannons’ about the time my friends and I built a cannon in high school and almost blew ourselves up. Fantastic memories.

In Progress Writing
– In the midst of putting down some thoughts about some dark, dark events that happened around Christmas. Insanity that you can’t even make up…
– Started writing a clockwork story for a Canadian Steampunk Anthology.
– Started writing a fast food zombie story. Brains…
– Refining my ‘A Hole’ dark/horror story. Must find a home for this one!
– Started working on another Mostly True tale about an ice climbing adventure that took a few wrong turns.
– Putting down notes for another Alexa/Oliver story called ‘Do what you want’
– Last, but not least, in writing Chapter 5 of my urban fantasy novel.


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