Blog Post for February 14th, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day, or as a lot of folks are calling it ‘Singles Awareness Day’. I’m happy to have a fantastic Valentine so I’ll stick with the former.

Work has been keeping me busy, but I’ve been finding time to get some writing done, usually at Starbucks when I take my girl to her dance class.

Book of the Week: The Sister’s Brothers
I enjoyed this book. It’s a historical western and the characters are a blast. Eli and Charlie Sister are a couple of gunmen hired to track down a kill an odd prospector. Their adventures along the way are always a bit ‘off’ from what you’d expect. It certainly didn’t end the way I thought it would.

Recent Writing
– Sadly my superhero origin story I submitted for the Tesseracts 19 anthology didn’t make the cut. It did made it through a few rounds and they liked it, but I have to admit the story was not your standard superhero tale. C’est la vie!

In Progress Fiction Writing
– Deep into a noir-supernatural crime type story that just popped into my head. A local group is putting together a Noir Anthology and I had this fun minor character from my book that needed a backstory. I love this one!
– Outlined and have quite a bit on my clockwork story for a Canadian Steampunk Anthology.
– Came up with a fun little story for a story about a special (to me at least) lost toy for a new Anthology out of Edmonton.
– Got a few hundred more words down on the dark Christmas story. Hard to write this one.
– First draft of another chapter in my novel. Need to make time to keep it moving.

In Progress Creative Non-Fiction Writing
– Started work on a little story called ‘Fighting Words’ about one strange night when I lived in a basement suite in Queen’s Park.
– Started work on a tale about scuba diving in a volcanic shaft called Angelita in Mexico.
– Continuing on the ice climbing tale in Kananaskis. It’s a good one but I got distracted.

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