Blog Post for June 17th, 2015

It has been a great couple of weeks. The official announcement for the nEvermore! Tales of Murder, Mystery and the Macabre anthology came out. I’m proud to have a story in it. I can’t wait till July 1st when it comes out as an eBook and then September when it’s out in paperback.

I spent the first weekend of June at a four day writing retreat, organized by Randy McCharles, up at Baker Creek near Lake Louise. It was wonderful. Met fantastic folks including Robert J. Sawyer, ate and drank, and even managed to get some excellent writing in.

Last night (Tuesday June 16th) I spent a fun evening at Owl’s Nest Books listening to Kate Lines talk about her life and career as a criminal profiler.

Coming Up: Noir at the Bar YYC next Tuesday (June 23rd) at Buffalo Bobs. Should be a hoot. I will reading an excerpt from my new noir story. Come on down!

Book of the Week: Shanghai Steam.
My old friend Calvin Jim was an editor on this anthology. Wuxia + Steampunk = Fantastic. I especially enjoyed the stories involving the Boxer Rebellion.

Recent Writing:

  • Started a summer project I’m calling ‘The Deathlyflash Unfortunates.’ It’s a homage to The Gashlycrum Tinies where I will distill my writer friends down to their base elements, write a flash story about them, and then send them to an appropriate doom. First up was A is for Axel.
  • Completed the final draft (I hope) of my noir story.
  • Completed Episode 1 of my YA serial (while at the writing retreat). It is tentatively titled ‘Three Drunk Devils,’ and it turned out better than I hoped. Now I need to scrounge up some beta readers.
  • Completed Chapter 11 in my opus. Slow and steady.
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