Current Mischief – October 26th, 2015

Where does the time go? Life seems so rushed. An endless amount of work, a busy family, and a lot of writing. Too many projects on the go? Probably, but they are a lot of fun.

A few weeks ago I attended Jayne Barnard’s launch of her new mystery – Maddie Hatter and the Deadly Diamond – at the Owls Nest. It’s a fun book.

Last week had a great time reading from my current work in progress at the Noir at the Bar YYC. It was great to see some writers (Randy, Dwayne, and Axel) that I’d collaborated with on the AB Negative anthology, and meet some other nice folks.

Next up – Spending November 7th at a AWCS workshop learning more about writing Noir. Should be a blast.

Book of the Week: The Screaming Staircase. A Lockwood & Co. novel by Jonathan Stroud. Think old London physic youth ghostbusters with cool turn of the century technology. An enjoyable start to the series – I’ll be grabbing the next two when I get a chance. I always enjoyed his dark and depressing Bartimaeus series, but this book was a lot more upbeat and pulpy.

Writing Progress

  • Completed and posted the sixth instalment of the Deadlyflash Unfortunates, J is for Jayne, as a steam punk homage to Jayne Barnard’s new book ‘Mattie Hatter and the Deadly Diamond’.
  • Completed and submitted a futuristic cycling story for an upcoming anthology.
  • Completed a story about a Siren for an upcoming anthology. Now to edit, edit, edit.
  • Started on a story for the upcoming Tesseracts 20 anthology.
  • Started on a story for an upcoming IFWA anthology.
  • Chipping away at my current novel.
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