Current Mischief – December 1st, 2015

Winter is missing in action. Oh, it will return, with a vengeance no doubt, but it is nice to wander around outside on a warm December day. I’ll take it.

And speaking of December, Opal Publishing’s December POV e-zine is out today. It has a fun interview with my friend Axel Howerton, some helpful writing articles from Sandra FitzpatrickAdam Dreece, and Catherine Saykaly-Stevens, and flash fiction from Shyla Fairfax-Owen and myself. Mine is called ‘Seven of Ten’ and sees my supernatural investigator Boone dealing with a job in a rather dark way.

Last year at Christmas I wrote a wacky Star Trek parody for everyone at my office. Folks seemed to enjoy it, so this year I dug a bit deeper and wrote what I’m calling A Mosaic Christmas Carol. Another parody, of course, and I think it turned out rather well. I’ll post it up on the site in a week or two.

My race season for next year is starting to shape up. With some prodding from my buddy Steve, I signed up for the Diez Vista 50 Trail Run in April, with many more on the radar.

Book of the Week: Check out the massive urban fantasy collection from Tyche known as Spells and Spirits. Some fantastic books in here including Much Ado about MacBeth by Randy McCharles, Seeing the Light by E.C. Bell, and Furr by Axel Howerton.

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