Enigma Front: The Monster Within

Monster Rises

Check out my latest short story – ‘Secrets and Lies’ – about a conflicted soldier willing to sacrifice everything to unearth ancient forbidden memories.

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The team who brought you the Aurora nominated Enigma Front: Burnt now presents you with twenty-two new stories of demon dentists and devilish wingmen, of psychic parasites and mad mathematicians. Hunters stalk the streets of Whitechapel and lurk in the hotels of Africa, and may – or may not – haunt a lonely road outside Saskatoon. First, Everything changed. Then, everything burned. Now, the monster rises!

By Renee Bennett,  Michael Gillett, Colin Maheu, Elizabeth Grotkowski, Kevin Weir, Robert W. Easton, Celeste A. Peters, Calvin D. Jim, Robert J. Sawyer, Erin Sneath, Chris Patrick Carolan, Ron S. Friedman, Brent Nichols, J. M. Dover, Selene O’Rourke, Ashton Noone, Stephen Swan, Robert Bose, Susan Forest, Shannon Allen, Al Onia

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Available in digital and paperback at Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

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