Fishing with the Devil

Fishing with the Devil

Available now from Coffin Hop Press. Get your tacklebox packed, your pole ready, and your soul primed for adventure. Two-time Robin Herrington Memorial Award finalist Robert Bose (nEvermore; AB Negative; Enigma Front: Burnt) takes you on a guided tour all the way from the lakes of hell to the unforgiving sands of the red planet. FISHING WITH THE DEVIL and other fiendish tales collects stories new, and previously published, spanning the genres from Science Fiction to Urban Fantasy, from childhood terror to bizarre bathroom horrors, while always keeping the Devil himself close at hand.

An aptly titled collection, a dark lake where you drop your line with no idea what’s going to bite. You could end up reeling in steampunk, futurist ultra-violence, dark comedy, or sci-fi noir. But always you’re aware of the Devil in the boat, sitting right next to you. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

– Sarah L. Johnson, author of Suicide Stitch


A darkly hilarious twist on urban fantasy, a collection of stories full of suspense, grim confrontations, hellish stakes, and delightful absurdity. Highly recommended.

– Brent Nichols, author of Stars like Cold Fire

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