It’s a Weird Winter Wonderland

It's a Weird Winter Wonderland

Get ready to unwrap that present early this year! Stuff your festive stockings with this collection of the weirdest, wildest holiday fiction this side of Charlie’s Dickens. Get your bells jingling and jangling with these tales of mistletoe madness, festive fury, and holiday havoc from some of the most bizarre minds in fiction!


Steve Brewer (Jackie Nolan series; Side Eye)
Sarah L. Johnson (Suicide Stitch; Infractus)
David James Keaton (The Last Projector; Stealing Propeller Hats from the Dead)
Jessica McHugh (Pins; Rabbits in the Garden)
Brent Nichols (Stars Like Cold Fire; Black Dragon Blues)
Scott S. Phillips (Pete, Drinker of Blood; Gun Up)
Will Viharo (Vic Valentine series; A Mermaid Drowns in the Midnight Lounge)
Laurie Zottman (Dark Little Therapist)

Edited by myself and home town anti-hero Axel Howerton, with a fantastic cover by the esteemed Tom Bagley.

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