Current Mischief – January 6th, 2018

The News

Survived 2017 and another holiday season, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, an all that. 2017 was insane, getting Fishing with the Devil completed and published, joining Coffin Hop Press, editing and publishing some fantastic work including Con Morte, Manchester Vice, and It’s a Weird Winter Wonderland. I made a pile of great new friends, learned a crap ton about the publishing industry, ran some brutal ultra-marathon trail races, and had a blast doing all of it.

Now it’s 2018 and I’m pretty stoked with what’s in the pipe. We have at least seven great books coming out and I’ve signed up for even nastier trail races. It won’t be dull, I can guarantee that!


The last couple months were about coming up with crazy shit. Polished off Well Hung, the first Winston and Wu story for my Tales from the Double-W Pawn Shop book, and plotted out the rest of the book. Wrote a couple of fun stories for personal audiences including another episode of my yearly Christmas homage for the folks at work and a messed up piece, about a nasty little critter, for a dear friend.

Once I complete some editing projects and a possible sci-fi story for Enigma Front: Onward, I’ll get back to chipping away at No Joy (a full length Tagger Boone novel) and more Winston and Wu shorts.


Lots of editing work for Coffin Hop Press including turning the gears on Rocket Ryder and Little Putt-Putt Go Down Swinging and Killing Mr. Edwards.

I’m also happy to be assisting on the 2018 IFWA anthology entitled Enigma Front: Onward. This year Chris Carolan has stepped up to publish it and he’s set up an Indiegogo campaign, with one of the tiers a critique from yours truly. If you can, toss a few bucks towards this great project.

Upcoming Events

Look for these fantastic events over the next few months.

Bloody Offensive 2018
Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 (7pm-9pm)
Coffin Hop Press will be sponsoring this year’s Bloody Offensive event at The Owl’s Nest. Will it live up to last years? Only time will tell.

bloody offensive banner


Infractus/Rocket Ryder and Little Putt Putt Go Down Swinging/Killing Mr. Edwards Launch
Thursday, April 19th, 2018 (7pm-9pm)

Coffin Hop Press will be officially launching our Spring titles at cSPACE King Edward this year. It’s going to be a fantastic party with drinks, food, readings, and lots of mischief. Not to be missed!

InfractusRocket RyderKilling Mr. Edwards


Winter’s always been my off-season where I laze around the house, eat my weight in butter tarts, and generally turn into a fat slob. Not this year! With the demanding race schedule I’m planning for 2018, I figured I’d better my shit into high gear. In order to facilitate high gear shit, I joined the Strides Run Streak, a fun event that challenges you to run a mile every day during the month of December. Of course, being me and, uh, insane, my minimum target was 10 kilometers a day. I ran through the bloody snow and cold and ended grinding 367 kilometers with only minor injuries to body and spirit. I’ll definitely be doing that again next year!

2018 Run Streak

Upcoming Running Events

My 2018 race schedule is starting to shape up and it’s going to be both challenging and rewarding. Must… lose… weight…

♥ ♥ ♥


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