Current Mischief – January 2022


I should do a better job keeping the site current. I should… I spend most of my free updating/SM time on The Seventh Terrace and Twitter and such though, so that’s where you’ll typically find me.


Had a few short stories published. Wrote a bunch, subbed a bunch, hoping 2022 will be a good year.

  • Finished many drafts of A Queen in Amber, my Lovecraftian/Zelaznian novel.
  • “The Last Wave” – my surfing short story was published in the AWCS 40th Anniversary book WonderShift.
  • “Corn Dogs” – a co-write with Sarah L. Johnson was published in Home for the Howlidays by Tyche Books.
  • “Cheeseburger Philosophy” – another weird and wild story for Terrace VI: Forbidden Fruit.
  • “Gravesend” – a fun Trace & Solomon novella co-write with Sarah L. Johnson in Terrace VI: Forbidden Fruit.


Sarah L. Johnson and I edited and published three books through The Seventh Terrace in 2021.

More great work is in the pipe, including Hell Hast No Sorrow Like a Woman Haunted by R.J. Joseph and the next Purgatorio book Terrace V: Penitent’s Gold, for 2022 – stay tuned!


Lots of running in 2021. Too much really, as I damaged both Achilles, didn’t recover, got tendonitis, ignored that, then got wretched bursitis. And tried to run/race through that… until I couldn’t even walk anymore. Anyhows, once I realized how much of an idiot I was, I started a recovery program, stopped running, got Shockwave therapy (or as I like to say, expensive voluntary torture), and have been resting up. I should be able to run again soon!

2021 Races:

  • WAM (Whistler Alpine Meadows) 60 km (September)
  • Lost Soul Ultra 50 km (September)
  • Black Spur Ultra 108 km (August)

2022 Races:

  • Calgary Marathon 50 km (May)
  • Squamish 50 miler (August)
  • WAM – Triple Wammy (Whistler Alpine Meadows) Vert, 25 km, 50km (September)
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