Current Mischief – January 2023

I should post more here. I should. Just a head’s up I mostly hang out and post over at the small press publishing house The Seventh Terrace. I should cross-post at least. I should…

Anyways, news! While I’ve mostly been working on novels and contributing to the Purgatorio anthologies (the latest being Penitent’s Gold) at The Seventh Terrace, I did have a short story published last week. It’s called “Well Hung” and it fits rather appropriately in a new anthology called The F**ckening from Sci-fi Lampoon.

And speaking of Penitent’s Gold, we’re having a book party for it on February 9th at cSpace in Calgary, Alberta – so if you’re in the vicinity, considering checking it out.

I’ll also be at Wordbridge on February 25th where I’ll be on a panel talking about horror, and giving a presentation about collaborative writing. Should be fun!

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